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mAkE out with sB

make out 填写(表格); 开出(支票、账单) Please make out a bill for these goods. 请给这些物品开个账单。 The check was made out for sixty pounds. 开了一张60英镑的支票。 辨认出 It was difficult to make out the manager's handwriting....

make sth.out of sb. 使某人128.。 make sth.out of sb. 使某人128.。

1.make up to sb 讨好、巴结某人 2.make up for sth in/with 弥补 3.make towards sth 移动,移向 4.make sth of sb/sth 了解、理解 5.make sb/sth into sth 将......制成(变成) 6.make out 听出,看出,辨认出 7.make off 溜掉,匆忙离开 8.m...

从某人做 make sth. out of sb.

make sth out of sb.的中文翻译 make sth out of sb. 让某人做某事。

make sb go out 使某人出去 make的一些用法: make make sth.做,制造 make sb.do sth.使得... make sb.(sth.) done make sb.(sth.) + adj. make sb.(sth.) + n. make it + adj.(n.) + that... make it + adj.(n.) + to do sth. make it + ...

make up 编造,虚构;组成;化妆;补充;和解make a clean breast of 彻底坦白,把…和盘托出make a difference 有影响,起(重要)作用make a face 做鬼脸make a fool of 愚弄,使出丑make a fuss of 对…关怀备至,过分注意make a point 表明一种...

make sb go out 使某人出去

be badly out of:用完,用光,急需 make sb interested:使某人感兴趣 be sb interested,应该是be interested in吧,是对于某方面感兴趣的意思。 I can make it:我能做!我会做!

ask sb. to do sth.要求某人做某事


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